Project Life Cycle

Project Life Cycle

Step 1

Planning & Analysis

In this phase, you will work with your client to figure out how to solve the problem. It is critical in this stage to craft a clearly defined scope for the project. This scope should be put into a “scope definition” in order to prevent project creep.

Step 2


In this phase, you will create at least two wireframes that you can present to your client. Your wireframe should reflect the solution as defined in the scope definition.

Step 3


Once the wireframe has been created, you will start coding the project.

Step 4


Now that the project has been coded. We must take the time to test EVERYTHING to ensure everything works.

Step 5


You have now built the site according to the clients requirements and have managed to prevent project creep. Further, you have tested the site to ensure there are no dead links and that you have used proper grammar throughout. Congratulations, you are ready to launch the site.